Sunday, August 2, 2020

25-Year Old Man Still Dreams of Being Drummer

York, PA -- Bill Bradford (25) of York, a factory worker, never gave up his dream of getting into rock and roll big time. At 15 he learned to play guitar but wasn’t as good as most his friends. He actually played bass for two years with local friends under several band names but mostly the same guys. They had occasional bookings. Then they all left for college except Bill.

Bill leafed thru Free Press ads for bass players, but they always wanted a singing bass player. Bill had no singing voice.

At 23 he taught himself drums, and trains in his divorced mother's garage as often as he can. He thinks he is pretty good now. "I'll get that big time chance any day now, then I can quit my job." He has never given up hope and is willing to take orders from "even that 17-year old that auditioned me last."

Because he is working fewer hours at the plant during the pandemic, Bill now has time to practice drums two days a week. He’s got some recording going on with musicians on the internet that want to sing or play an instrument for some Youtube or other similar video, and they want a live feel to the drums. Bill does not ask for credit on these, as most are too rough to be released versions. But some of these might yield gigs maybe in the spring.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Trump signs executive order banning China and canceling The National Debt

It was a busy Saturday for Trump. Not happy just banning Tik Tok from the US, Trump has banned all of China. All of their China people can pack up and go home. To improve the failing economy Trump also canceled The National Debt. "They want to collect? Sue me," Trump stated and marched out of the Oval Office.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Area Man Facinated by All Types of Masks

Area widower Hank Marwin, 62, is a bit bored. There is mowing to do once a week and some other yard work. And golf. But the rest of the time Hank spends reading about the pandemic, and especially the masks. Hank has bought every kind that was available to the general public.

He has bought funny ones, poiltical ones, head gear of all kinds for warding off the virus. Yet, most of the time he just goes out with the black washable mask, which he ordered three dozen of. But he can wear all kinds of gear. If his daughter wanted to take part in those protests, he has a gas mask for her.

Good quantities of disposable masks are stored on shelves in the garage. If neighbors run out, they just call Hank and he then opens the garage door for them to go and pick one they like. They call him back and he closes the garage door. He does not want to meet any of them. He does interact with them in sharing tomatoes and squash in a crate by the street. Masks and squash, that's Hank.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Nonprofits Having No Trouble Being Nonprofitable During Pandemic

Unlike businesses, which generally employ more people, nonprofits are having no trouble at all during the pandemic. Gary Killian, president of the Pennsylvania Land Trust says he is paying himself 30 hours at minimum wage for office work. 

"We had a founding member die during the pandemic, of unrelated causes, and it did require some legal work to transfer most of his savings to our Legacy Fund. We don't need to use it for land related issues right away. We can have substantial assets, as some years more land is acquired than others."

A children's foundation in Maine is receiving normal donations, and Kate and Allie are funneling the money to their usual recipient organizations.

Other foundations are directing research money to individual academics and state agencies with small crews taking care of environmental problems. There seems to be no end to causes that these liberal minded people come up with for their foundations.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Trump Signs Executive Order Declaring 2020 Election Illegal

President Trump has signed an executive order declaring the election illegal, if even one mail in ballot is counted.

"If your state has mail in votes, we won't count your state at all."

Claiming he has no time to deal with the election, and as he is in a deep fight with a massive left wing insurrection in several states, the administration is going to apply this simple rule to all states.

"Your governor has the authority to give all the electoral votes in your state to me, if you wish to be counted at all. I have put in an order to arrest Joe Biden, the leader of the insurrection we are fighting, so electoral votes for him could be counted. But he will be in jail at least to the end of this year."

Trump will not be leaving Washington in 2021. "I've put in an executive order for that as well. I can do that, you know."

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Two Years into Pandemic, US Economy Surviving on Coffee Drive Thrus and Pizza Delivery

Jan 13, 2022 -- The US will survive. Politicians are ready to send another monthly $1200 stimulus check, so that we can all eat, work, sleep and all that. Economists have analyzed the situation and say that it is perfectly normal to do this for a short period. The US economy is currently run almost entirely on income from coffee drive-through businesses and pizza bought and delivered to Americans. A few are choosing to drive to pick up the pizza, but most are delivered.

President Biden is urging families to pile into the car and get that coffee as soon as you wake up. Even seniors. "They have decaf, you know," he added.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Americans gaining 2.5 pounds weight in 2020 from Cheez-Its alone

With lots of time to spend at home due to Covid-19, Americans have turned to snacks in their boredom. The average adult American has gained 2.5 pounds from eating Cheez Its this year. What are Cheese Its, you ask?

They are delicious cheese flavored crackers that come in a few varieties. A serving is 30g or 26 crackers, and has 150 calories.

"Really? I just eat a handful at a time, maybe 50," explained Andy McGuire, a big fan of regular Cheez I ts crackers. Then five minutes later I eat another 50.