Monday, April 16, 2018

Old Time Birder Keeps Talking About Structure

Utah-- Young birder Scott McPherson, 23, has been going to local birding outings regularly for a year and has collected quite a bird list for Utah and a few in other states. Recently he went with the local Audubon group to see shore bird, proud of his newish spotting scope. he bought it used on eBay but bought the tripod at a sports store.

On that outing, area expert Hal was not along, but his words about "structure" were on Scott's mind that day. Scott had taken some pictures through his scope with an iPhone attachment and had claimed one was a Western Sandpiper. Hal said no, "structure wrong."

Hal is not a talkative guy but his bird ID skills are 100% correct. If he does not know what the bird is, he says nothing. He does not say "it's either this or that." On the outing with the wrong ID, there had also been some dowithchers. Another Audubon member had taken the pictures. He was explaining to Scott the two dowitchers and that one of them has the structure "like it had swallowed a baseball." It also seems to tip over with its weight. From all this Scott has gathered that structure is overall shape, wing length, head or neck shape or the bill shape. The bill has to be compared to the head shape and any blunt or sharp shape noted, or "drooping", which refers to some slight bend down. A few birds may have a bending up as well.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Trump and staff busy perusing 6 copies of Comey book

Washington -- Sitting behind his desk this morning, Trump assigned staff members to read a chapter each in the Comey book.

each one of the ten staff members is to summarize the chapter in a half page note, as well as to xerox the important pages and staple that to the summary. Five books were passed out and each staff member gets three hours for the book. An overnight job will pay some extra, if any one staff member is willing to read the entire book. That staff member gets 500 dollars cash, under the table tomorrow.

Trump then left the desk

and spent the next two hours in the toilet closest to the Oval Office, with book and yellow highlighter in hand. He had one Diet Coke delivered there. Then he seems to have taken the book to his private quarters in a zippered leather portfolio containing a note pad, a pen and the same yellow highlighter.

The second team of readers were to report to him at 5PM before going home. All reports are to be in the special tray on his desk at that time.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Kari buys CD set for old Honda Accord

Kari was looking for 10 dollars more to get free shipping from Amazon. We caught him after the 4-disc set from Sony titled Pure Psychedelic Rock arrived.
Staff: How was it?

Kari: One disc was almost a keeper.  You know my car just has a CD player, right?
Staff: Yes we know. And your iPod is cracked anyway.
Kari: So the first disc was really good. I could just toss the other three instead of hauling it to Half Price and getting 50c.
Staff: And?
Kari: Well, I might be caught in traffic and not be alert and I might play Track 15 accidentally.
Staff: Track 15?
Kari: See for yourself.

Staff: We are not familiar with Melanie. Can you help us out?
Kari: Well, just go to Youtube and play Brand New Key, you will  understand. This is in that same voice but you know, a good song when the Stones do it.
Staff: OK. So what's with the other three CDs?
Kari: Oh, some good bits. But the whole set is in the bin now, to go to Half Price.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Scott Pruitt making An Example Generating CO2

Embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt says he was trying to make an example for his staff.

"As we all know, carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Plants need it to make food for us and for animals. Growth is promoted by carbon dioxide!"

Pruitt said he had to fly to Morocco and then Paris to generate as much CO2 as possible by his jet travel. The fake science of NASA and others says we made the levels of CO2 go up, but Pruitt knows that "CO2 follows warming, does not cause it."

A private jet would burn even more fuel. Pruitt is in talks with Netjet to lease one.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trump to use successful alpha male approach wih Kim

Having borrowed his strutting among world leaders from the behavior of grouse at leks, Trump will use his successful pushing out chest technique when the meeting date and place with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is agreed upon.

Here we see Trump strutting about after a similar confrontation where he emerged as the alpha male :

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

6000 Copies of Trespass at US Truck Stops

The Genesis album Trespass sold some 6000 copies on the year of its release.

The CD version has sold some more. But now with CDs getting less popular, 6000 copies of Trespass remain unsold, mainly at truck stops across the US. Cars stop at truck stops, but over 90% of CDs, DVDs and audio books sold at truck stops go to actual truck drivers. There are some 500 truck drivers that have bought Jethro Tull,  ELP and Genesis CDs through the years. All of them have Trespass. No more copies of Trespass are likely to be sold at the truck stops ever. The copies will be passed on to wholesellers to pass on to stores such as Half Price for low prices. marked with a sawn mark as cut outs.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Trump drank tea with honey, says Stormy

After President Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels had sex, the couple sat around in the hotel room and he called room service. There were drinks in the fridge, mostly Diet Coke and some beer. "Do you need anything from room service?", asked Trump. Stormy said no. She helped herself to a can of Heineken in the fridge. "And then room service came. He had a pot of tea, lemon and some honey delivered.There were packets of Splenda." Apparently Trump had a bit of a scratchy throat. Perhaps his nanny taught him this. Stormy did not quiz him on this topic.