Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our People In Mud Homes Were More Developed Than Yours!

Museums in Ruthenia and Pottsylvania have declared war, each declaring themselves the mud home innovators. Both museums are opening exhibits about life in mud homes starting a thousand years ago, with the mud homes of the 1800s as the ultimate mud technology. The exhibits will both open on New Year's Day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

English Major Edits Engineering Magazine

Washington, DC -- Happy to land his first real job, Mark Bolan, 25, starts Monday as editor of an Engineering magazine for professionals.

"There is an engineer editor as well, but they write in a really boring way. I can't wait to start. No more Hundred Years of Solitude or Great Expectations."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spielberg Criticizes Camera work in Own Dream

Los Angeles, CA -- Spending time at one of their several homes, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw were discussing dreams one morning. Kate had dreams that involved Sawyer, Mikaela, Destry and her mother.

Steven then began with a little bit of plot. The dream involved a drifter coming to town, a single mother and a corner store. Spielberg himself had only a cameo role. But the dream was vivid. Ten minutes later he was still discussing camera angles, fades and editing, when Kate started to express boredom. Steven quickly summed up the dream and stated: "Funny, this dream had no soundtrack. It needed a little more drama."

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Republicans To Ban Travel To "Foreign" Countries

Washington, D.C. -- Republicans have focused on domestic issues and Obama for the November election so far.
With the ebola crisis ongoing, the party plans to add a new issue to the campaign. Travel to foreign countries will be banned for the next two years. Goods will be imported, but no ship personnel are allowed to land in the USA. You may be able to drive to Canada for a while, but not to Mexico. All travelers will be allowed 30 days to get back home and stay.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fat Lady made 49 Cookie Trips

Indianapolis, Indiana-- At the Continental Insurance Co, Beth the office manager brought in a huge tin of Danish cookies for the coffee area. Coffee was made 4 times today, but co-workers counted Tina, the fat lady, making 49 separate trips to the tin, picking one cookie each time. A trail of crumbs lead to her work area.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Minnesota Enacts Boater ID Law

Minneapolis -- Boaters in Minnesota will now need to be sober when boating a boat with more than a
2 hp or electric motor for lakes that require one.

The Boater ID does not need a test, but the boat owner is required to present the boater ID when asked and to take a breathalyzer test. Failing the test will result in community service. This consists of collecting beer cans and plastic from the lakes.

The boater ID will be accepted for purchases of beer, chewing tobacco and local elections. It does not qualify as an ID for national elections.

Friday, September 19, 2014

America Goes To The Mall

United States – Located at downtown and suburban locations, America decided to go to the mall today. There was not that much to do so America went there with a couple of friends. These friends pointed out Jeff Goldblum, who is a junior and really hot. He was looking at some little items in a stall. America had to talk her friends out of bumming a ride back home from Jeff. Alicia’s mom is coming to get the three of them at five anyway.

America then spotted the GNC store and went there for some protein bars. It is still winter, but America is going to do a 5K run on Sunday so this is all good planning. And they have the vitamins that lady at the counter is always pushing. She flirts with him a bit and is probably divorced. But America was not interested as he figured out she has teenage kids.

America was headed for the Brookstone store for some cushions for the car. They have to drive out of town to go to Florida and also to visit the kids. Harry is able to sit in the car for ten hours straight, but America needed some cushions to sit on, due to the arthritis in her hip.

The mall sure is full of people. America only wanted to get to the top floor of Dick’s for some coveralls he wears when working outdoor at the trails. It’s the stuff hunters wear. The hunters know how to keep warm. They have six miles of trail to restore before the scouts start using them in the later spring more extensively.