Saturday, June 18, 2016

300 pounds of sand in two weeks

Platte River NE -- Social science majors working with Nebraska conservation groups have made a study of summer camp participants and their sand tracking activities. The kids bring in an average amount of three pounds of sand in their shoes into the common buildings in their two week stay at camp Tiki Taki.

With about 100 kids at camp, the kids will bring in about 300 pounds of Nebraska soil and sand into cabins. Cleaners hired by the camp vacuum and sweep all the buildings and dispose of all the trash. Candy wrappers and other human trash contaminate the sand. Sifting operations will be put in to conserve sand and reduce trail maintenance costs.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

What Happened To Your Nice Shirt?

I can't find either one of these shirts in the closet. I got these for you just a year ago and one was supposed to be for summer events and then you started golfing in them.

I'm going to send you a text since you are still at the golf course. How can you spend all those hours there? You spend twice as much there including all weekend since you retired.

If you don't respond in two minutes, I am going to Penney's to get you two nice shirts. Light blue or even burgundy and you are going to wear it. Not like when Justin married Cathy and we got to Seattle and got rained on and you wore your only good shirt for the trip and you had to borrow one from Cathy's dad. It's just Lisa's graduation in Denver this time and there is nobody there to lend you shirts. We'll sleep in Lisa's apartment and she will take the couch for the two nights.

And what about your shoes? I'm going to have to look at those and polish them a bit. You are not wearing the running shoes you drive with even if they are black and look somewhat decent. You are going to wear leather shoes this time.