Thursday, July 24, 2014

Singer Lands First Gig

Indianapolis, IN -- Singer Zack Meyer, 19, landed his first real paying gig, outside of an amateur rock band of his. In a one hour session Zack recorded both the lead vocal and a two part chorus, with a musician playing keyboards live to a canned percussion track. The lines went:

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Don't Suffer In Silence

Zack got paid $500, and the musician, also there for other sessions, $200.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Area Stoner Finds Pink Floyd Unstocked for four weeks

Cincinnati, OH -- Area stoner Frank Miller, 45, works in a strip mall as a bag boy at Kroger. In the mall is also a Best Buy store. On his break, if he has no cigarettes, he may wander in there. Frank knows there will be possibly the last official Pink Floyd release in the fall. He has a one disc collection from Target in his Toyota Corolla that has been in there since the release. All the real albums are neatly at home.

"Yeah, I know where the bin is. You can't see the card but if I pull it up you can see the bin is empty. There were new Zeppelin CDs stocked just this week."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Here and There

Nashville, TN -- Songwriter Earl "Mac" Davis is about to have a second major hit. Recorded in the late summer, while Earl was stuck home scratching chigger bites after a fishing trip, the song has universal appeal and has been released in country rock and traditional versions.

The protagonist, Earl, is "here", while his beloved is "there", far away. The song immediately struck a chord with truck drivers and road crew workers working away from home. However, the appeal appears to be broader. Female listeners who also appear to be "here" while their beloved is "there" are buying the song as downloads and CD singles.

Yardsales Unrewarding

The Hamptons-- The Berkshire family, one of them green families living on the cheap in a three bedroom house, took up a round of garage sales and yard sales on Saturday. Father Jack was rewarded with a fly fishing rod and some hand made lures.
"I'll take up fly fishing some day. In state of course. No Alaska for me."

The third stop seemed to be ahouse with a lot of Ikea stuff and video games.
"Holden, there's games", announced Mitzi. She could spot there were no Fiestaware dishes.
"Mom, I'm texting."

Mitzi and Holden opened the doors while Jack went to look for "interesting stuff."

On Sunday they will do antiques, because "we like antiques and we don't go to church since we gave up the Unitarians." They claim to be secular humanists.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Area Man Disposes 30 years of collected screws and nuts and nails

Cincinnati, OH -- "Yeah, we are moving to a condo, and they do most of the maintenance. I'll save some picture hangers and curtain rod stuff," explained Harry Smith, 62.