Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trend setting teens: smoking and babies

Seward, NE -- This is the new world! These are the Trump voter youth.

Sheila Knox, 18, is expecting her baby in September. She graduates high school this month and is moving in with boyfriend Billy, 18, at that time. Billy works at the Sinclair station and has taken up smoking. "It's my gap year," says Sheila. She is going to community college or beauty college after a year and when the baby is one year old.

Sandra, 18, gave up smoking during the pregnancy, but is smoking a half a pack again while taking care of Mary. "I don't smoke with her in the room and rarely with the car window down and my cigarette outside."

Sandra is working on getting Larry to agree to a wedding date. Larry is excited about the election. "I'm voting for Trump. He'll start a small war. I'll enlist and get some benefits out of that." Larry is the exception in the group of six friends all related to Sheila in some way. He does not smoke. Larry drinks some Bud Light and drives the beer delivery truck.