Sunday, March 13, 2016

Area Cat Couldn't Care Less, But...

Sacramento-- Area cat Monty has been ignoring things, even cat things, all equally. Looking on all people and objects with equal disdain, Monty is purring with satisfaction.

The other cat, the black cat, has been getting some extra disdain, other than in the kitchen where Monty is forced to look out for himself when they are eating.

A package was delivered by UPS and is sitting on the concrete slab out front. Monty took a quick glance at it but resumed ignoring the box after the door bell chime quit its annoying hum at the end.

Some pillows were sticking out from the couch and Monty took a half hearted swipe at one, knocking it on the floor.

There were some goldfinches outside making the annoying finch noise. Never mind.

Out on the counter were some keys on hooks and some wallets and things. By them there was a cup with mint candies in wrappers. Once upon a time Monty had played with a few of the candies. Not today.

Monty took a post lying down on the mistress's bed, with the pillow pulled out from under the cover. He lay there waving his tail in front of his face. It's his tail, nothing interesting there, all parts are familiar.