Saturday, April 19, 2014

Record Collector No Longer Playing Records

Long Island -- Area record collector Bill Emmit, 48, has decided he wants to treat all of his 15 000 LPs and CDs equally. He is not going to play any of them anymore. Friends can come over and borrow one album a week, "otherwise I forget who borrowed what." Bill still goes over and pulls out some records off the shelf to look at song titles. "On each album I can play the main theme for classical or the guitar or other riff for the rest in my head," he claims. "I'm not too good with lyrics." It would take several lifetimes to play every record in the collection, such as the Bach cello suites in 60 versions or another 60 recordings of Winterreise or Wagner operas on 78s, LPs and CDs. "I have every recording of Leroy Andersson's Typewriter song. I don't even like the thing."

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