Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Area Gun Nut Proud of Shack

Toledo, OH -- Area gun nut Ed McMahon, 43, was proud to show us his gun shack near his trailer, but did not allow photographs inside.

It was actually built top house a riding mower, but now has been converted toa little club. Ed and his friends bring their guns in there every night and service them. A bench, gun cradle and a mat on the bench top allow them to work on the guns and drink beer. There is no electricity, but the ventilation is adequate and there is a kerosene lantern.

"There's no guns in here at night, we lock them up in the trailer, all except the beauty of a handgun I have at the night stand."

It appears to be a rather worn and traveled Glock. When we described it to our gun expert (a hunter) he thought it was a G21, not a 30 or 36.

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