Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yardsales Unrewarding

The Hamptons-- The Berkshire family, one of them green families living on the cheap in a three bedroom house, took up a round of garage sales and yard sales on Saturday. Father Jack was rewarded with a fly fishing rod and some hand made lures.
"I'll take up fly fishing some day. In state of course. No Alaska for me."

The third stop seemed to be ahouse with a lot of Ikea stuff and video games.
"Holden, there's games", announced Mitzi. She could spot there were no Fiestaware dishes.
"Mom, I'm texting."

Mitzi and Holden opened the doors while Jack went to look for "interesting stuff."

On Sunday they will do antiques, because "we like antiques and we don't go to church since we gave up the Unitarians." They claim to be secular humanists.

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