Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Conspiracy Theorist Lectures At Target

Kansas City, MO -- Area conspiracy theorist "Louie" lectures on weekdays at a local Target store from 10-11 AM. Observers think he then goes for his medication at the nearby clinic.

The lectures are 10-15 minutes each with a sit down break for a few minutes, especially if there are no new customers.

Chemtrails are apparently a sprayed aluminum and glass bead mixture applied by the Government to the atmosphere to reduce plutonium. The plutonium on the other hand has escaped from nuclear reactors.

Why doesn't the uranium and the cooling water escape?

"It just doesn't."

Apparently the plutonium byproduct shoots neutrons at the reactor wall (metal) and bores channels through it to escape to the other side. Water does not leak out even then, so the plutonium may well seal the channels it makes with more neutrons shot at the metal.

It all makes sense now!

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