Sunday, December 6, 2015

Engineer Reprimanded for Not Enough Plastic Parts

Honk Kong -- Area Engineer Marshall Wang, 35, was called to his superior's office at a local manufacturing firm. The company designs equipment for yard work such as leaf blowers in nearby China. The new area of products they will enter is garage door openers.

"Marshall, you have made this product too strong! This will last up to 20 years, You must put in some more plastic parts. Also, the axle can be aluminum, not steel. Sure, some units will fail in 5 years but I have the axles in stock already, so use those." He was also told to replace this rolling wheel at the one end of the chain and cable apparatus with a plastic wheel:

Mr Wang will work through the weekend revising the design, changing the specs and sourcing the parts. If it is not all fixed up by Mon 8AM, "do not bother showing up to work. You can collect your things later."  He will not get any pay for these hours as he is salaried, not hourly.

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