Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Tree Shocked At His Fate

Gloucester MA -- Area Christmas tree had the second shock of his life. The first was when he was cut down and shipped off.

"I knew my days were numbered without roots, but I had gotten used to all the attention I received at the lovely Johnson family in their living room. The lights were there most of the day even when I was left alone."

"I was also touched by the story of Baby Jesus and Santa. Perhaps one of them could perform a miracle and give me new roots so I could live in the Johnson yard!"

Instead, on Monday, Jan 4, the family dad Jim yanked him out of the stand with the help of Andy and Sue unscrewing the stand underneath. The tree was simply tied on the roof of their Honda with bungee cords.

After a short ride he was taken down at a local park, seeing the scene of Christmas excess dumped there, some with a few ornaments still attached.

Still alive, the tree was piled up on the other victims and closed his eyes to eternal sleep. In his mind he still could hear the laughter and partying, even through new Year's. Another tree in the pile had been neglected since December 25, never even watered after the presents were opened. On reflection he though it was still a good two weeks in the Johnson home. It could have been worse. He could have been that neglected tree:

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