Monday, December 19, 2016

Movie Goers Confused About Star Wars and Politics

Republican and Democratic voters have all been going to see the Star Wars movie in the theaters currently. Both groups identify with the Rebels, as they see themselves as the Underdog.

Republicans think liberals are atheists and maybe Catholics so they really can’t understand The Force, which is religion and God. They even want to kill babies which Obama (Darth Vader) has been pushing for four years and was on the verge of winning on, with his liberal Supreme Court justice.

Democrats on the other hand see Putin and Trump clearly as a world wide Empire of oil. This Empire is on a mission to generate as much CO2 as possible, melt Antarctica and raise sea levels over 70 meters. In addition, the Empire is there to cause havoc in the Middle East and send more refugees to Europe. The Empire only needs drones who work at McDonalds and Wal Mart. They reproduce fast, so they do not need health care or education beyond high school. The drones will eventually evolve into cybernetic organisms like the Borg (Liberals also follow Star Trek, Republicans stick to Star Wars). 

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