Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trump will make the Doctor pay for visits to him

Trump: I thought I would solve this problem once and for all. We've been having nothing but trouble with healthcare, and I then remembered my last exam. The doctor buys those disposable shorts guys have to wear in bulk. Then he charges me ten bucks for it. I'm going to make him pay.

Kari Report: How will you do that?

Trump: They got paid plenty during Obamacare. I'm signing an executive order as soon as I get back from Europe. The doctor will pay your bill each year up tot the first 500 bucks. Then if you are still friendly to him and impressed with his or her work, then he can charge a small fee for the rest of the care that year. I'm thinking maybe 80 bucks tops for a general practitioner.

Kari Report: Is that constitutional?

Trump: Who cares? I'm fed up with the Constitution. I can't get my Senate to work.

Kari Report: Those are Senate rules. They are not in the Constitution.

Trump: Get me someone. Pence! Who do we get to whip the Senate in shape? Can you do it?

Pence was not found at the press conference or left as soon as he heard the word "senate."

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