Friday, February 9, 2018

Sioux Falls going about life as if Trump never became president

Sioux Falls, SD -- The city will be getting over the last few weeks of snow and will be blooming and spring like soon enough:

Bob and Madge Johnson were at the supermarket Friday as Bob had knocked off a little early at the funeral home. There is a burial Saturday and he will be showered and ready for that, with his suit and earmuffs to stand by the grave waiting for the hearse and the client. Madge usually sleeps in but will join him for lunch. A few new customers will come by to select a casket in the afternoon. There are some issues with Madge getting good health insurance, but what the heck, it was the same under Bush and Obama. You have to buy insurance but eventually you die. They get a good deal on grave plots. The lowest price coffins will be free for them.

Eric and Ginny McCarthy will be busy with sports on TV and are here just for beer and chips. But Ginny talked him into a veggie tray as well. Eric is 42 and will not be dealing with any Trump issues this year. He teaches auto shop at the community college.

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