Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'll make you a copy

Knoxville, TN -- Ernest Williams, 61, is often faced with piles of CDs he made, that he made for friends or that just came back from somewhere. The solution is always the same. These are previously made burned CDs, and who knows where they have been. They could have stayed in a hot attic.
As did the 300 CDRs he located among his brother's things. He died two months ago, and Molly has done nothing with any of the stuff. Ernie has been going over there and brought back all the CDs he had burned for his brother over the years, saving the cases but pitching the discs.

"Molly, do you still listen to Pink Floyd? It was Ed's one big time band he used to play in the car."
"I'll make you some new copies."

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