Friday, May 31, 2013

Motel Room Decorator Hides All Electrical Outlets

Las Vegas -- Designing and decorating the motel rooms of a national chain can be challenging. The air  conditioner must plug in somewhere or be wired in a near by electrical source. The chairs and table by the window seemed to be the place for an outlet, but designer Ken Barry, 35, managed to put it at an inconvenient place near the legs. In addition, he had the painter paint the holes shut. The other outlets are behind the bed headboard. Across the room where the TV sits on a dresser, outlets can be located with some trouble, but the dresser is too heavy to move even an inch.

"Why do you always hide the outlets?"

"We don't really know. It's tradition."

"You have provided an alarm clock, where does it plug in?"

"We added the lamp on the night stand, it has two outlets at the base."

"So you have two outlets for the room and two in the bathroom."

"Yes, that's the standard."

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