Saturday, September 28, 2013

Area Students Camp in Tipi

Evanston, IL -- Area undergraduate students at Northwestern were having problems with a room mate. It started out when the third boy unpacked and they saw the collection of bongs. On top of this, the room mate, Chuck, seemed to bring some random older men to his room on a weekly basis. To have these fat businessmen showering every Saturday morning suggested Chuck was supplementing his income.

So Ed and Mal decided to lock up their stuff in a closet and find temporary housing. They were both taking a class in Native American Studies. There was a tipi used for some lectures. It was not used at night. Every night they are bringing in sleeping bags. No fires are allowed. The bottom of the tipi is cardboard boxes from the dumpster. The groundskeepers are on to the boys and their housing solution. But they merely make them move the tipi every five days in the same area between buildings.

"I'm taking a lot of my stuff home at Thanksgiving, and some friends are letting me use their couch till Christmas," explained Ed.

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