Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Powerball winner drives RV to play LOTTERIES in the USA

Powerball winner Earl "Bud" Wiser, 62, was relieved to win the Power Ball lottery this year. He was laid off early in the year and was without health insurance. After the Powerball win he signed up for insurance at a big premium, but only till 2014.

"I qualify for Obamacare then."

He is still interested in lotteries and drives around the country with his RV. He is especially interested in lotteries in the five states with no Powerball. He can also be seen in grocery stores and truck stops around the country scratching out instant lottery tickets. He never tells anyone he already won. Sometimes he shares his instant win with old ladies that are spending a few dollars of social security income on a once a week ticket.

"I enjoy meeting people. I will buy a ticket pretty much to any lottery or fundraiser. I actually have not been able to lose but around 500 dollars this year."

"What do you do with winnings such as turkeys or freezers or whatnot?"

"Most of the time I drive to the next place and give it to someone at the RV park."

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