Friday, February 28, 2014

Beatles Fans Argue For Week about Clapton "Jam"

On a web site dedicated to the Beatles career and recordings, endless Youtubes and Rock Band extracts of While My Guitar Gently Weeps recordings were brought up for discussion.

Thesong had taken weeks to record, after a proper acoustic demo, which contained the song, but not the feel George wanted. The song came together on Sep 5, 1968. In a a short session, starting from scratch, a basic track with a guide vocal was recorded.

The band returned on the 6th, and Harrison brought Clapton. Clapton had given Harrison a 1957 Gibson as a gift, and this was used by Clapton on the session. (Clapton eventually got a wife in exchange for the guitar).

Questionbs remain:

- Did Clapton jam with the Beatles?

-Was anyone but Harrison present when Clapton recorded the solo? (The solo apparently replaced a Lennon guitar track).

-Why do drum sounds bleed to the guitar track? Is it just noise from Clapton's headphones bleeding in?

-Did McCartney record hid bass part with Clapton? It is very treble heavy and has chords, much like a rhythm guitar.

-Vocals were recorded after. Did Clapton stay for the remainder of the session as the vocals and some percussion was added?

-Harrison appears to have recorded an organ part as Clapton was doing his lead part. This is a fact all board members agree on.

-Was Clapton paid up on musician's union fees?

Much remains to be tracked down. More books, just as the the Lewisohn series parts two and three are still to come out. Harrison recorded two albums live with Clapton on stage, including the famous song twice, New York and Japan.

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