Thursday, February 13, 2014

Miracle Welfare Moms Turn Enterpreneur

Trenton, NJ -- A group of welfare mothers with from 3-8 children at home have turned enterpreneurs. They are now selling each other Chia Pets, Tupperware, Jewelry and hair care products.

How do you get started in this business?
-You get micro loans to start up. People are very supportive.

What happens when you have saturated your neighborhood with Obama Chia Pets?
-You get another micro loan for a new franchise.

Governor Christie has congratulated you on reaching for that "little bit more", instead of waiting for a hand out.

"He did come by for a photo op," noted teen ager Alonso, son of one of the women.

What did you sell him?

"He did not want the Obama so we sold him a pig Chia Pet."

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