Saturday, January 31, 2015

Animals stuck in one ideology during their lives

People often stick to one political party during their voting lives, although a change during their lives is also seen. Animals, on the other hand are stuck. Evolution from an ichneumon wasp species (there are thousands) to a social wasp is not possible in one lifetime. They are stuck finding mates at random and parasitizing insect larvae of a particular species. Social wasps are colonial and know their work, each being a socialist. Ants and termites are most successful as socialists. The colonies might seem like a monarchy, but the queen is as much stuck in the system as the rest.

Dogs are an odd subspecies, ruling at the top of the food chain in packs in the wild state, but most dogs today serve as slaves and do not have any voting rights.

Capitalism on the whole rules the natural world. Winners survive, losers die. Colonies, social as they may be, compete with other colonies for land and resources as in any capitalist system. The survivors are the more aggressive species, with losers such as sloths eating poor nutrition in some far off niche of nature.

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