Monday, January 5, 2015

Roofer Buys Coffee Machine at Target

Newark, NJ -- Area roofer Isaac Newton, 32, finally got around to buying a new coffee machine after Mr. Coffee failed two weeks ago. "I get in the pick up and get Joe and on the way to the job, I and I stop at the local coffee drive through. Not Starbucks, it's operated by my Jamaican brother Malcolm." But the commute to job sites is sometimes long and difficult. The drive through takes time, what with Malcolm chatting with every customer. "I plan to drink coffee at home again and I will bring Joe his mug to drink in the truck." Isaac thinks the Black and Decker will work. "I am familiar with the name, we have some of their tools, though we use better drills if we need to drill." They apparently do some carpentry on the side.

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