Friday, February 5, 2016

Last Thursday Thousands of TV Remotes Lost and Found

America, various locations -- America has lost its TV remote again. It’s not like it’s the first time, but on a National TV Remote Loss Index, Thursday was 100, compared to the average 50.
One was found upstairs stuck in the cordless phone dock. The owner noticed it going to bed and could sleep more peacefully.

Another one was found under the sofa pillows as usual.

A third one went upstairs to the kitchen with the dishes after the pizza party. Harry was about to put it in the sink with the plates, catching it from the running faucet at the last second.

Mrs. Janice Olsen has always put it down on the coffee table, where it sits safely with a few other items, such as books. Now she had received a phone call and taken the remote to mute it while doing so. Absentmindedly she put the phone back and carried the remote to the bedroom. Her husband had been looking for an AA size battery and instantly took the remote to use the battery. The remote was later found in his shoe in his closet. They have separate closets and bathrooms.

A TV remote was lost among five other black remotes in the room. The owner went and bought a sixth one and programmed the new one, before he located the remote in the pile among his electronic toys.
The remote at the dental office has once more gone home with one of the patients. They usually bring it back.

One remote was relocated with the aid of a cat.

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