Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wildlife Refuge Occupiers Not Getting Attention

Burns, Oregon -- The last four occupiers at the Malheur refuge have not had communications with the world for a day. Supporters post the same old pictures of cowboy outfitted Bundy and pals as well as the four still inside. "They are demonstrating their constitutional rights of free speech and peaceful armed demonstration."

Stuck with nothing but a transistor radio, the four listened to broadcasts of the New Hampshire primary.

Occupier 1: Bernie is kicking butt. Hillary is going to explain something in a bit so we'll just turn it off.
Occupier 2: Good.
Occupier 3: Guys, we are turning into old news. I have a dental issue, I might have to pack it in.
Occupier 1: Just one more week, we have some ibuprofen for your tooth.

None of the four have any feelings at all for Donald Trump who gave them no words of encouragement. 

One occupant was cleaning up and inventorying the remaining fuel and cans of beans. Lights out at 10 PM.

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