Saturday, March 11, 2017

Insurance Man Planning New Trump Era Plan

Healthy Person Insurance

Working for Atlantic Mutual, insurance agent Mark O'Connor has boldly entered the insurance market with his Light Insurance plan. This plan will cost 50 dollars a month. That's right, 50 dollars! You get one health check up with no lab work in a year. You also get one bottle of pills up to 50 dollars price. If it's 60, you pay 10 dollars. In addition you get two visits to Walgreens clinics and  one flu  vaccination. We have to take care of the sick and elderly after all! Healthcare in an emergency situations is covered as well. Both ER and hospital care is covered! You pay only the costs in those units that make up the deductible. At this price the deductible will be 100 000 dollars. No elective surgery, vasectomy or cancer treatment is available.

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