Saturday, June 1, 2013

Star Trek Actors Stuck Recycling Old Plots

Hollywood -- Having signed on as new fresh faces to play old Star Trek Characters,  Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, as well as several others, are now demanding new writers. 

"We are aware of the fanaticism of Star Trek fans, and obviously we have to have plots that tie in to previously released adventures of the same crew. However, I am refusing to have anything to do with V'ger, for example," explained Pine.

That the characters are younger and more volatile is a given, and Kirk has to get into several first fights. However, Spock gets his share of fist fights this time. So the actors are completely happy with the characters and the relationships. As long as Spock gets all the same as Kirk this time.

"Yes, I hope we get some more women in the next movie", added Anton Yelchin.

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