Monday, June 10, 2013

Obama Better Give Me My Recipe Back!

Oxford, MS -- Mrs Olive J., 85, is really mad. At coffee this morning with some friends, she discovered some federal agency (NSA) has been storing all our e-mails. She does not even have a regular internet connection, or a computer. But her youngest daughter Annie-Mae, 62, lives in Maine and got her an iPhone account and a data plan. This was so she could get pictures and video of her youngest great grand children. Then Annie-May needed the secret family rhubarb pie recipe again.

"It was a little difficult, but I had the recipe printed out in big letters. Then I had the neighbor boy take a picture of the recipe and send it through the phone e-mail. I know how to type small messages when they send me the baby pictures, but I probably just text them when they come. But I do have an e-mail address with Yahoo."

So that is how it happened, the NSA captured her rhubarb recipe and it is in their vaults forever. The NSA had trouble locating it when asked. But it is there.

"What's so special about your rhubarb pie?"

"I can't tell you, only my sister in law guessed it once. It has an additional fruit, not a common one. I'll make some tomorrow, you can come and taste it. Bring a can of Folgers regular, I'm out. And some powder creamer."

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