Monday, July 15, 2013

Venetian Blinds Are..."Blinds" in Venice

Venice, Italy -- Visiting his ancestors' home for the first time, Robert Farduccio, Jr. and his wife Maggie had visited the main tourist sites when they came to Venice for a few days.

"We should have come by boat, Bob," remarked Maggie as she saw the huge cruise boats in the harbor. "We could have done all of Italy by ship, we would have had a nice room every night."

But Robert would not have any of that. He even had some contacts his grandparents had listed. When he showed up with a carton of American cigarettes, they managed to have a nice cup of coffee with Pietro. But no pastries of even a cookie.

"I asked about them blinds in the hotel room in Venice. They said they were not Venetian blinds. I may have confused them, as they started to talk about the blind people begging in the streets. But the blinds are just blinds. And get this, the Italian bread in the restaurant, what do you suppose that is? It came in the basket with the spaghetti and pizza. I could not eat any, there was so much to eat. But yeah, the Italian bread is...bread."

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