Saturday, July 27, 2013

Area Christians Pretend to Be Archeologists

Covington, KY -- A group of parents got together for their kids to attempt an archaeological excavation such as they heard about at a lecture Friday. Israeli scientists of the fundamentalist variety came to speak and raise funds for their work in the West Bank and  Karnei Shomron.

They have unearthed a rectangular structure, about 30 feet by 23 feet, with thick walls and a ramp leading up to a platform, the altar that the Bible says the prophet Joshua built on Mount Ebal. The Israelites had crossed into the promised land of Canaan and built the altar on instructions from Moses.

Normally the rich congregation would lead a field trip to such holy sites, but even the most fundamnental members of the group only go to the well guarded Christian sites in Jerusalem. Taking the children there would be out of the question. "It's a pity, as they could learn real science there, not this atheist evolutionist science they learn in college," said pastor Mark O'Connor.

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