Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aliens Reject Earth

Earth Orbit -- Without actually landing, a team of alien developers have rejected earth as a future location for their species. "We would not exterminate you, as you seem to fear from your fictional accounts that we viewed. No, it was not the mammal population that made our trip out here useless. We are used to warm climates, and could occupy only the very warmest parts of your planet, where we could live in structures without heat or cooling. That, and the actual orbit and the length of your day as well as the too large moon, were the factors that our superiors back home rejected. We have been waiting for a week for their reply due to the vast distance you are from us. The axis tilt of your planet is a bit too big as well. We will report the habitable planet to Galactic Council and collect the small finder's fee. Someone else may come out and investigate now that your galaxy is know to the civilized world."

The leader of the mission, ~~~~^^~~~, stated that the practice that any galactic developer would follow is to wait for the intelligent species of the planet to go extinct before they come in. "Do not fear, primitive mammals."

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