Saturday, November 9, 2013

Beatles Forum Comes Back To Life

With a new book out on the story of The Beatles up to the early 1960s and the making of the first singles, an internet forum, Beatles Forever, came back to life after months of one post a week. The book stimulated activity in a topic devoted to it. One fan read the 900 page book in two days. He, for the fans are all men, is rereading it a second time to follow the discussion of the book by the twelve most regular posters. There are some 20 lurkers that seem to only vote + and - on whether the post adds to the discussion.

Though the book is a sort of Bible, it does have some errors or unclear sentences. The number of 14 came up in connection with John and George. But it was confusing as to which was 14 when they met. They actually went to the same grade school, but as it had many grades, they had different recess and playgrounds. A member suggests that it was impossible for George not to know Lennon the prankster and all around fun teen, labeled by adults as a troublemaker.

Another member is obsessed with Ringo's diseases and handedness. In a BBC interview Ringo said he was cured of pneumonia that led to lung infections and TB with streptomycin. It had been invented in the 1940s. Why can't he leave it at that.

Slower readers are just getting up to speed on how many girls Paul attempted to get pregnant. It will be in Book 2, not yet out, that there was only one official one. Epstein paid her off with 5000 pounds.

When thrown out of Hamburg and the Bambi Kino housing, Paul and Peter really did burn some condoms to make a statement and supposedly get some light in the room. Of course, German documents only mention attempted arson, not burned condoms.

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