Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kari Remembers The Beatles

I had the LPs as they came out with Magical Mystery Tour and later. The earlier ones pretty much did not exist for me except Rubber Soul, about 1966 or 67. I then made cassettes..or was it reel to reel tape... of the early stuff from singles, so by 1969 I was mostly caught up. But for instance Please Please Me did not click for me till the 70s when I heard a cover band (The Shakers) play it outdoors for college freshmen. I had to seek the album at that point. I think I eventually found the UK album. The US Early Beatles did not seem right.

My discovery of popular music was about 63 with Beatles singles but I did not own any albums...any band!... till 1966. By the 70s, I was onto 70s bands, so the 1962-1966 (RED) Beatles collection went by me with little notice, I had most of them on a cassette. The other collection seemed more interesting, The Blue, but even so, I preferred to play Sgt Pepper as a whole, not the bits in the collection. So yeah, I had pushed the 1962-1966 songs to nostalgia for most of the 70s. I was not really interested in them till the CDs came out. My first ever CD was Past Masters 1. What a crappy collection in hindsight. I played it all weekend. In a a wave of nostalgia.

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