Saturday, March 15, 2014

Area Man Saves Spent Brush Cleaner

Berkeley, CA --Area man Clayton Woodcock II, 57, saves the brush cleaner that came in a tin can in the tin can. The unused cleaner is in a can of lighter fluid he salvaged from a neighbor's trash. The plastic bottle is not appropriate for disposal of spent cleaner.

"Yes, I really do this. I use varnish occasionally for furniture and doors. I then need to clean the brush. I have a water soluble paint cleaner for latex paint. That goes down the sewer from our laundry sink. I need the metal can because it says so on the can itself."

The can states "dispose of in metal container in accordance with local, state and federal regulations."

Clayton will take the full can to the hardware store

 where he bought it for disposal. If the owner is friendly, he will take it, and probably use it for charcoal fuel.

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