Saturday, March 15, 2014

Evelyn's Fancy Man Takes A Pill Before Visit!

Dallas, TX -- Muriel was walking up to her house and saw the gentleman sitting on a concrete retaining wall on their street. Just as Muriel was passing him, he was putting away his prescription bottle in a hurry. He had a Diet Coke to go with the pills. He did notice Muriel because he said hi, just to be safe.

Little does he know that Muriel is Evelyn's best friend and neighbor. Evelyn never talks about him, he only comes for visits and never stays overnight. Muriel thinks he uses the bus to get here.

Well, Muriel is open minded, and Evelyn can have her fancy man. Muriel is done with men. She does have a handy man, Charlie. He gets paid cash, there are no benefits anymore. Muriel did let him come in for some action the first week he worked on the house, but he has such bad breath, she isn't going to let him touch her anymore. He understands the situation, and he has plenty of other old ladies to hit on. He is very friendly once the rules are known. He will take some tea if she is on a good mood.

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