Sunday, March 16, 2014

Climate Skeptic Publishes Peer Reviewed Data

Davenport, IA -- Posting his entire 10 year numbers, climate skeptic Fred Chemsky reports a drop of 0.1F over the past ten years in Global Temperature. Fred has obtained reliable data from his one weather station in Iowa. He measures temperature at noon every day, disregarding daylight savings, and averages them for the year. "I threw out the leap year and the year the birds nested in my weather station, but even those years give nearly the same number, just not quite 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit. More like 0.09."

Fred had his numbers and methods checked by Al Greenberg. "Al is one of those global warming nuts, but him and me are the only ones even interested in global weather around here. Al is gonna publish his data some day too."

Fred posted all the numbers a week ago at

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