Friday, February 27, 2015

Dowitcher Ends 30-year Marriage

Portland, OR -- With the kids finally out in the world, Linda Thompson, 61, joined hubby Eddie, 62, in his birding quest. After about a year of intense birding and travel, the 30-year marriage ended over a dispute with a shore-bird ID. Was it a short billed or a long billed dowitcher, two similar species?

 Out in the field, they came to a loud argument. After about ten minutes of arguing, with other bird issues and the past year thrown it, Ted drove them back to the Edgewater Motel in silence. Linda immediately booked a room of her own. In the morning she drove off at 6AM, leaving Ted at the motel continental breakfast by himself. Without a car, he was left to charge his cell phone for an hour so he could call someone to come and pick him up.

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