Monday, March 2, 2015

Area Christian Having Bad Week

Boston, MA -- Surrounded by urban liberals, area Christian Maggie O'Donnel is not happy. "My son started cross-country and now he is practicing with the gay boy from two doors down." The gay boy is not gay, only his father and the father's boy friend are. But Maggie has labeled them all gay, including the dog Buster. "They are making a mockery of my marriage. That boy has a a fancy car, what with two gay daddies having fancy computer jobs and all. My son is not riding to school in that car."

Maggie is home schooling the younger boys Matthew, Luke and John. Mark is at the same magnet high school the gay family boy, Josh, is at. "Those gays go to that atheist temple as well." She is referring to the Unitarian church.

"Also this week, they had the evolution junk in biology. Mark is going into computers, what does he need that biology junk for? Anyway, they teach that we come from slime, crawled onto to the land. I will have to have my pastor talk to Mark, he is no slime."

Maggie did buy, despite a shortage in cash, a short Intelligent Design book for Mark at Barnes and Noble (they have a good religion section), but says "Mark is not interested in frogs and stuff anyway, thank God."

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