Sunday, March 15, 2015

Republican Treasurer fighting Big Government

Kansas --Andy Stub, 48, has worked for the city for 25 years. Most recently as treasurer, he reduced his employees from 45 to 39 while increasing efficiency and introducing Bibilical morale. He eliminated phone lines and made many services just a pdf to be filled out at the county website. “You want to pay this tax or fee? There are the forms. If you don’t pay, I’m not going to come after you.”

Current Mayor Browning has proposed an expensive sports/entertainment arena and added bike trails. “We don’t need any of that. Attend your churches, they have plenty of room for social events. We just had a book sale at mine. I donated all my books to that.” As for bike trails. “they end without warning, sending arrogant bicyclists to block and hinder motor traffic at critical arteries.” He was particularly annoyed at Ed, his neighbor, who goes ding ding ding with his little bell at all possible spots. Especially when Andy is driving his red convertible.

As mayor, Stub will bring Big Government to its knees!

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