Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wife Buys Creamy Oatmeal Again

Manhattan, KS -- Hank Beeler, 65, looked into the cabinet. There was one packet of maple syrup flavor, then a whole box of creamy, some peach or such, flavor. "Not creamy! Now I will just have to mix it with the one packet of regular." He has pointed out to Mary that even the variety pack is good, though he has to spread the regular flavor with the rest. Regular has no flavor. The store brand low sugar is OK too, it has no man made sweeteners, just lower sugar.

"What do I do with this box now? I can't give it away, since I took one packet and used it?" After reading the paper Hank planned to go to the store and buy five boxes."I'll just move Mary's assorted granola cereal boxes on the bottom shelf to make room."

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