Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rich Guy Not Really Into Rich Guy Stuff

Minneapolis-- David Cameron, 65, has gone out of his way to keep people from asking for his money and trying to sell him stuff he does not want. The millionaire stock broker and bachelor (a stock photo from 15 years ago was given)
has lived in the same 2 bedroom house for 40 years. All he needs is a long wide drive way for the boat and a one car garage for the Chevy pick up he uses to haul the boat to the lake. His dog Nelly accompanies him on all his boating trips and sometimes steers the boat. David has a fishing license but has never bothered to cook any of the fish he catches. "There's restaurants out there where I eat, usually hamburgers."

The types of things other rich people spend money on does not bother David. Houses, boats, swiming pools, vacation condos in Cancun. "It's their money."

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