Sunday, May 17, 2015

Birdwatchers Jagger and Watts

Singapore – Stuck in Singapore during a promotional visit to the East, Rolling Stones Jagger
and Watts turn into twitchers.

Hopping into limos with binoculars, scopes, global position finders and cell phones, the novice bird watchers managed to get ticks on their life lists for these birds: Striated Yuhina, Blue-Winged Minla, Clamorous Reed Warbler and Goldcrest. "I must have Goldcrest in my yard back home, but you see we just started this," explained Jagger. "We know Mick is after the birds, but this is ridiculous," stated bandmate Richards. "I could come and look at some owls, though, if you find any," he added. Richards was not going to get up before noon.

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