Monday, May 25, 2015

Kansas Tea Party Enthusiasts On Night Time Prowl

Central Kansas -- Area tea party enthusiasts, Todd, Jamie and Mack had planned to drive over to Topeka to desecrate some state buildings as well as a national guard unit. The national guard unit was behind a chain linked fence, and there was only a flag pole to desecrate. Todd had scoped out the sites to spray paint beforehand.

 As the weekend came, they got drunk for three nights and realized the trip to Topeka was not going to come about. On Sunday night, after Molly’s bar closed, the threesome swung by the Army Corps of Engineers Lake Office and urinated on the lawn. The office represents the Federal Government with its annoying signs:

Finishing the six pack on a bench near Council Grove downtown, on the riverwalk, the party broke up with ”mission accomplished.”

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