Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bufffalo Confused About Celebrating

Rapid City, SD -- An area bison, a five year old female, came to share some of her day with Christians Celebrating Life right next to her enclosure.

Kari: Do you celebrate life?
Bison: I don't understand.
Kari: Is life sacred to you?
Bison: I don't understand.

Kari took a different approach.
Kari: You see these Christians have strong beliefs about life after death, and with these thoughts in mind they can stand doing their miserable boring tasks as there is a reward at the end.
Bison: Reward?
Kari: Eternal life.
Bison: I don't understand.
Kari: You can do whatever you like.
Bison: Eat and roll in the grass?
Kari: No, not that.
Bison: Then there is no point. If you excuse me, I have to go over there to celebrate life. The grass is kind of short here.

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