Friday, April 15, 2016

Single Mom: I Need My Coal!

Covington, KY -- Area mom Madge McCarthy has gone vocal just before Earth Day to complain about the cost of electricity.

"I don't care about Al Gore and his warming. He can sit in his cozy castle and warm all he likes. I need my electricity!"

She has obviously been watching the Fox Channel, as she seems to think coal is the solution. We in fact sell coal mining rights cheaply and it has been providing a steady source of energy for over a hundred years in the US.

"And I want my kids to be able to go in our little yard and see robins and pigeons. I don't want them killed by windmills. "

She does not seem to know the robins and pigeons are not migratory in Kentucky and there is not a wind mill within a hundred miles they could fly into.

"And  I don't care about sea levels rising and corals dissolving or whatever they do. My kids will never see any coral anyway."

Though she had no high school chemistry, she is probably right there, her kids are unlikely to travel to the ocean.

And what about the polar bears?
"The polar bears can go to the zoos! We go to the Cincinnati Zoo once a year with my ex-husband's mom to see the polar bears. When it dies, we'll take another one from Canada. They'll have some till I have grand kids, right?"

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