Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump To Invade Canada

Seeking a distraction from some of the bad press from "fake" media, Donald Trump has decided it is time for our first invasion. The CIA has distanced themselves from Trump, but is on board with him on this mission.

The mission is simple. The volunteers from Trump's secret army will be armed and driving four wheel drive pick ups and some on ATVs. They will invade Canada right next to Lake of the Woods county. Camps will be set up and a temporary fence made around the area that will be claimed. There are some hunting cabins owned by Canadians that will be used as housing as well. The ultimate aim is to have a strip of land 10-20 miles wide to connect the US by land to the NW Angle foerest, which we own but can only get to by boat currently. There are some 4000 residents in the US county at the border.

The area wiil become a popular resort on the shores of the Lake of The Woods complex. Trump will then declare the entire lake as US property for hunting and fishing. Right by the border, the Canadian town of Middlebro (pop unknown) will become part of the USA. Some other parts of the municipality of Piney (pop 1700) will also be annexed.

Mr Trump was inspired to undertake this plan by Putin's annexation of Crimea, which is historically part of Russia, not the Ukraine.

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