Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump Not Hiring Fake McCartney

Donald Trump is already planning some fancy balls past his 100 days. "Melania and my son will be joining me soon enough at the White House. We all get to pick a concert for my first four years. I'm going to get a Nobel Prize winner, Dylan. he and I will both have Nobel prizes by two years from now, but he is getting old, so maybe this Fourth of July?"

"But Paul McCartney will never play in the White House. Because that was the fake Paul playing for Obama."

"I have the latest research from Francesco Gavazeni in Wired magazine of 2009 that proves it. He did facial reconstruction of photos from many years, Paul died in November of 1966. The Beatles carried on for a while but broke up because the fake Paul could not get along with John. And I never liked Yoko, either."

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