Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Republicans torn on how to Screw America

The Republicans involved in Trump's healthcare reform are all pumped about these positive changes to improving the nation's character. The president is offering you a chance to take responsibility of your healthcare.

However, the two ends of the party simply cannot agree how to do this. They are torn between giving Americans almost nothing and nothing at all in the healthcare .

The Christian right has been blunt. Americans who fornicate, take drugs, drink alcohol and smoke drugs and tobacco must pay for their sins! Those who eat too much must pay as well, but as the entire caucus is overweight and half of them have diabetes, some help in that department might be available, A discount for knee replacement may also be possible.

The caucus is all agreed on one thing. They must support tax deductions to pay for care, if there is going to be any support at all, The current subsidies sound too socialist and European. What is coming next if Democrats have their way? Billing by doctors and hospitals that gives flat rates for all procedures? Unheard of! We must support business. An announcement on the final plan is coming within weeks.

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