Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trump Voter Nothing Special

Living his entire life in a small part of Pennsylvania, Sean McCarthy, 29, is not special. He does not qualify for any benefits as part of a minority, and has been incredibly average his whole life.

"I know lots of black people and even Mexicans. I voted for Obama two times with them. But I did not get anything either time."

Sean works for a national chain of stores and makes a living as a fork lift operator. For three months before Obama became president, he was unemployed and had no insurance. Just then he injured his hand doing some roofing work under the table. "My girl friend Diane took me to the ER. They stitched up one hand and the one finger lost a little from the tip. There's no nail on it."

He and Diane got married and he keeps his wedding ring on the right hand that has a complete ring finger. Other than that left hand, there is nothing special about Sean.

Sean was a straight C student in high school, other than a B in sports. He makes just under 20 dollars an hour and Diane has a good job at Hobby Lobby. They do not qualify for food stamps nor would they for the special benefits of Obamacare ( for the poor) that those who cannot pay for the monthly bill get. He is not a member of any sexual or other minority. His TV watching shows the usual sports and TV shows. He does not watch National Geographic or listen to NPR.

Why did you vote for Trump?

"To drain the Swamp. I don't want any of my tax going to Special Interest Groups because I am not special. It's a big swamp."

Sean and Diane attended the Trump rally in Harrisburg and are really fired up for 2020.

What will you do if Trump wins?

"I'll invite him for burgers and Bud Light." He has a gas grill he bought for this summer at Home Depot.

"It was his birthday grill," added Diane.

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