Saturday, August 3, 2013

Monitor Traded in For 10 Dollars

Champaign, IL -- Area man Todd Blumenflower, 45, decided to take advantage of tax free weekend and trade in his 16 inch monitor for a flat screen one. "It's so I can  carry my laptop into the bedroom and watch Netflix there. The computer is so old that the monitor is attached to that I have no idea if it works anymore." He gets 10 dollars towards a new monitor for paying the recycle charge of 10 dollars. So he does not have to carry it to the curb Monday for disposal.

"I'm really happy. I hate junk", the man stated as he got out of the car. However, there was a line to get into Best Buy. The staff at Best Buy came to look at it. It was the first tube monitor they had seen since May."This being a college town, students don't like to lug those around."

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