Monday, August 12, 2013

Area Boy Keeps Getting Toasted Bread With Forbidden Pictures

Jerusalem -- The Bashir family have been happy for years in Jerusalem and never wanted any trouble with Jews and Christians. The trouble is Abbas, 14. Mother Aara is just about to ban Abbas from the kitchen.

"Every week it is something. He toasts or fries the bread and it is either Jesus, Moses or Muhammad that comes out of the bread. This must stop."

The first time Muhammad appeared she took the bread and tore it to pieces, throwing it to the chickens in the back yard. But he has made several more appearances. She simply cut the bread, folded in two and made Abbas eat it. "Otherwise he will go out and peddle it in the street."

As we spoke to her, he was trying to sneak off with some toasted bread. "Show me the bread, what is it this time?" The boy claimed it was Bin  Laden. He went into the slop bucket.

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